Product design with Naver, South Korea’s leading internet portal

South Korea’s leading internet portal, challenged us to create an innovative approach to delivering email and scheduling to a global audience.

Under threat from Google services and new players such as Slack, Naver delivered an open brief to ‘reimagine email and scheduling’.

We took a research led approach, recruiting a broad spectrum of potential users from across the globe – using our network in North America and Europe to provide a varied set of insights and potential opportunities.

We created a proof of concept prototype and a product and brand vision to help Naver build and internal business case for further development.

Using a wealth of insights as our foundation we defined a draft set of feature requirements and worked on some initial user interface designs.  After conducting a series of usability testing sessions and concept discussions we created a fully interactive product prototype for further testing and refinement.

To help support Naver’s efforts to drive internal investment for the concept we built a product and brand playbook and associated product marketing site to support a ‘real world’ launch.

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