Digital transformation and product innovation for Singapore Exchange

Singapore Exchange invited us to work with them as they looked to digital to help them better service OTC (over the counter) trading clients.

What began initially as a small product design engagement evolved into a series of innovation programmes designed to help SGX on their path to digital transformation.

Our initial project involved a redesign and re-platforming of SGX’s existing, in house built OTC trading platform, Titan OTC.

This led to a much larger piece of work, the definition and conceptualisation of a new approach to engaging with trading clients, the aim being to build a business case and digital strategy for presentation to the CEO in order to gain support and funding.

We moved a small design team into SGX’s offices, working directly with project stakeholders to start identifying opportunities for OTC clients to interact through a digital communication and content platform named SGX Horizon.

We also worked closely with SGX technology teams to define a design system that grew from our initial product work with Titan OTC, this design system led to a redesign of their .com and additional product based workstreams.

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