Educating children with product innovation for Viacom18

Indian broadcaster, Viacom18, challenged us to create a new delivery platform for syndicated childrens content.

We were invited to propose product concepts to help Viacom18 compete with leading content delivery platforms such as Nickelodeon Play and YouTube Kids.

Undertaking primary research allowed us to validate some early assumptions and also helped us identify some interesting, differentiating product ideas that would help position Viacom18 as a responsible partner to parents whilst also giving children the level of content engagement they expected.

Concept, prototyping and testing

We created a product concept that focussed on the needs of children (getting the content they want, fast) and the pain points of parents (controlling viewing times and consumption).

We found a balance between giving children the content they wanted whilst ensuring parents had a good level of control over consumption.  We also focussed on learning and education as a key differentiator to existing products such as YouTube Kids – we defined features that allowed parents to create learning plans that, when completed successfully, rewarded children with new content and features.

We undertook early user testing to help validate features and identify improvements before finalising the overall product strategy.

Primary research

To help us gain a better understanding of how children interact with digital content and platforms we spoke to groups of children aged from 4 to 8 years and also sent surveys to over 20 parents in India, Singapore, Australia, the UK and North America.

Our learnings helped us define some key themes and focus areas that we used to inform further research (through more in depth interviews) and most importantly helped us define an initial feature set that went on to inform concept designs and early prototypes.

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